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We've put together a list of the best slot tips for online casino players. These tips would also apply should you be playing free casino games.

A loss limit.

One on the most important slot tips that we can offer is for you to make sure you set a maximum on how much that you are willing to lose on a slot game before you play. Once you've reached that limit, quit playing that particular slot game and try something else.

A naked pull limit.

A naked pull is a spin that returns no payouts. Set a naked pull limit and once you've reached that number, stop playing that particular game and move to a different slot machine and try your luck.

A betting system.

Set-up a betting system. A good betting system is one where you increase your bets with wins and reset your bet once you've hit a naked pull. Keep betting the max when your on a winning streak.

Set a goal.

You should set a cash goal. When you've reached a certain amount of profit, then its time to leave the casino. Thirty percent more than your bankroll is a reasonable amount to cash-out and quit.

The bottom line.

Make sure to play the slots with preset money management goals and a disciplined approach. Treat the slot machines with the same respect as blackjack, roulette or any of the other top table games such as the game of caribbean stud poker.

Are you looking for more opportunities to win? Select the games that offer bonus features.

The bonus feature.

The bonus feature is like a game within a game. You can rapidly muliply your winnings at these types of slot machines. Stick with the games in order to reap the huge bonuses and free spins.

Playing multiple lines.

When you play more than one line, it can eat up your bankroll quickly. Make sure to play the smaller coins, so that your money will last long enough to play through the bonus rounds.

Using autoplay.

If you just want to play the bonus rounds, set-up the software to play automatically and stop once you've hit the bonus feature. This way you can enjoy the bonuses without watching every spin.

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